Examples of Our Work

Case Study 1

Ian was originally referred to Right Track seeking work in mechanics. Within a week a Work Experience Placement was secured with a local garage but Ian decided that mechanics was not a trade he wished to pursue. Project staff worked with Ian to help him identify alternative jobs that he might be interested in. Ian then decided that he would like to try Work Experience in a butcher's shop.

Staff helped Ian to find out what would be needed to become an Apprentice Butcher. It was discovered that he needed his Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate before he could work with food products. Ian would also need to wear a shirt and tie to work every day - something Ian felt would be quite a challenge!

After Right Track approached several companies seeking a Work Experience opportunity for Ian one company agreed to give him a trial. Ian did so well and looked so smart every day that he was offered full-time employment after four weeks and is now working towards his Master Butcher s Qualification.

Case Study 2

Derek was originally referred to the Get Ready for Work Programme as a Vocational trainee who was interested in factory or warehouse work. It soon became apparent that Derek had literacy and numeracy difficulties in addition to very poor timekeeping and attendance. Consequently it took several months before he could try Work Experience in a warehouse. From then on Derek developed a pattern of staying with Work Experience Placements for a few weeks or months and then returning to the Training Centre. Derek clearly preferred manual work to attending the Training Centre but his timekeeping and attendance kept letting him down as all the Employers who provided Work Experience were satisfied with his work but could not rely on him because of his lateness and absences. This was the only thing preventing him from getting a job!

Eventually Derek was placed with a Builder s Merchants and Derek showed that he had completely changed his work ethic, with much improved timekeeping and attendance. He got on well with the staff team, worked hard and was soon offered full time employment in a job he really enjoys.

Case Study 3

John was referred to the Skills for the Future Project following prolonged absence from school. His erratic home life, lack of confidence and increased levels of withdrawal and lack of communication had led to him being allocated a Social Worker and discussion about a referral to Right Track.

Over time John gained in confidence and became integrated into the Skills for the Future group. His attendance has been excellent and staff have highlighted his great commitment to the Project and his thoughtfulness and sensitivity to others.

John was nominated for Right Track’s Trainee of the Year Award and is looking forward to a career in the Motor Trade.

Case Study 4

Joe started Right Track in August 2007 with a history of being extremely disruptive in school. Joe is dyslexic and experienced great difficulty with his reading and writing.

When he joined the Skills for the Future Project, Joe had a very bad attitude towards authority, low self-esteem and had great difficulty working in a group.

During his time with the Project Joe has learned to accept discipline when time is taken to discuss situations with him. His timekeeping and attendance have been exemplary at 97% and he is the first to arrive at the Project every morning. He has benefited from the small group work offered by the Project and he has made big improvements in literacy and numeracy that he struggled with at school.

He is currently working towards achieving his Core Skills in Communication and Numeracy.